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AGM - Burgdorf

Friday 13 May. 2022 - Sunday 15 May. 2022.

About the event

The AGM 2022 took place in the beautiful and charming setting of the town of Burgdorf.

Near the castle, Friday evening offered entertainment thanks to the fantastic cover band ACDC - Whole Lotta DC.

On Saturday morning, at the end of the usual business, there was a handover between outgoing president Aurélien Baitan and incoming president Thomas Spicher.

After a morning of work and celebrations, the local table organised lunch in the town centre, where national and international guests sampled typical regional products.

The gala dinner closed the day. The bravest (many) had the strength to continue with the party and go late into the night!

The brunch on Sunday morning officially closed the RTS AGM 2022.

The appointment is for next year in the city of Lucerne!

Registration is Closed.

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