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The Round Table is a politically and confessional neutral association of young men aged between 18 and 40 years. The idea and the organization of Round Table has its origin in the tradition of the English club life. Locally independent tables gathered 20 to 25 young men of different occupations and spheres of action.

The idea: adopt, adapt, and improve

What is the Round Table?

Round Table expects all of its members to have an open-minded interest towards traditional and new ideas alike and developments, according to the slogan "adopt, adapt, and improve". The slogan originates from a speech of the English Duke of Windsor, who encouraged young men with these words in the year 1927 to take over proven solutions and, in addition to that, to further develop and improve them according to the changed conditions of the present and the future.


A substantial part of the club life is therefore dedicated to information about the causes and effects of recent developments in society and the exchange of experiences about work and daily life, between the members of a table. The individual can become acquainted with the points of view and opinions of the other members in this way and extend his horizon beyond the own experience range. The discussion about different opinions and behaviors promotes a form of tolerance for each of the members of the Round Table, which emphasizes common ideas over differences and does not fill up ditches, but builds bridges over it.


The Round Table is a club of young men who are aged between 18 and 40 years old, with the goal of promoting friendly and social life at the respective residence, and of helping people in need via service activities.


Round Table is however not only local, but also nationally and internationally existent and spread around the globe in this manner. Through the Swiss-wide and global existence of this organization, Round Table offers a national and international network of contacts, which can be helpful both for the individual and vocational personality of the individual members. Round Table differs from other service clubs particularly by the dynamics of the youth, since it is ensured that the group always has a continuous age distribution by the age limit of 40 years. Therefore all members are in a phase of a beginning family and social life as well as at the beginning of their career and are characterized by the idealism and the willingness of the youth. The organization is neither politically nor confessional oriented.

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